REV15CS60 : SIX BREW BANTHA 'Intravenously Commodified' Tape




Recorded by Cody Baresich in his basement in Victoria, B.C.
Mastered by Mike Walls at audio Esoterica in Baltimore, MD.
Album Artwork by Matt Sidney high on acid in Victoria, B.C.


released March 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Revulsion Records Selangor, Malaysia

A D.I.Y hardcore punk records label from Malaysia.

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Track Name: The Architect
Beckoning to our endless screaming for our priorities to fall from grace.

Bow tied down and gift wrapped, power flows structure bound and strapped

Industry spreads, spindling out
Firms hold firms within themselves
As one plugged in defense is doubt.
Control withheld in files on shelves
Again and again we meet dead ends...

Transnational corporations carve Rockefeller, wet, dreams
Through the lathe of heaven dismiss our cultures, hidden, seems.

Vitali, glattfelder and battiston playing connect the dots
Define the face of network global control.

Pull the rug from under us
may we praise the architect
One among man playing god
This labyrinth we must not accept

Painting mankind red in the mighty panoptic light
Our goals now out weight death, the architect brings on blight.

Through holding back the structure feeds
Financial sectors act exceeds
World fundamentals now unravel
On the brink of drop of the gavel

Forever the architect
Track Name: Mass Surveillance
Exploitation through all means possible
Privacy outdated
Under constant supervision
Your thoughts being closely monitored
Crippled by fear
No escape
No hope
Stranglehold on your life
Every move being watched
Freedom only in death
Iron grip on your mind
Everything you do is being recorded
Technological monoply on the supposed free world
Trapped in a sea of cameras
Track Name: Intravenously Commodified
Self induced, sacrificed

Drawing earths blood for who?

Only to feed, intravenously, commodities for foreign deeds

Half a million barrels
For investors that will pay
Western devestation
Toxicity absolute
Half a million barrels
Every single day
From the oil that passes through
Half a million barrels, spilled

Don't think twice
Can but won't
Corporations anosognosia

What will we let slide for the expense of regret?

1177 kilometers of fossil fuel friendly time bomb

Crude oil, crude ethics, crude means, a crude end

Out of hand, beyond control

Forever tomorrows stamped out alternatives

Must prolong the deficit. Sick of it.
Track Name: Shadow Banking
Short term funds for long time assets
Subprime meltdown
Coordinated financed disaster.
Subprime meltdown
Shadow banking.

Scower all false assets and magnify the prize
Fall out may be dertimental but show me through your eyes

Burn the value by selling us fire

Go on, bite into security savour the iron taste of blood. Fill your belly with the excess of our loins.

Bless the F.S.B. Exercise and their global monitering, by three blind mice

Authorities counteract, but they lurk in shadows themselves
Systemic risks are second nature to a systematic hell.

Rapidly increase monetary base
Quantitative easing, a bond of the state

Undertake major structural reform
Re-assign assets as an idea now reborn

A battle of titans in shadowed reserve
And below lay the people with thoughts deemed absurd.
Track Name: Perception Asleep
Repeated smiting through concrete and aluminum
Detailed analysis for the construction of nightmares.
Overlapping buildings paved over graves
Of promises unkept from exploited
Tears gone unwept.
May lodge master deal cards of an oblivious nature
Melted over our kind as a baptism of curse.
Scorned beyond comprehension, double crossed as you'll be
When you dig six feet deep only to find true perception
Now beyond gone, forever asleep.
One cannot comprehend whats left but doubt.
Track Name: Belligerent Apathy
Eyes devoid of the glimmer of life
Burrowed into a hole where the outside world cannot get in
Fleeing from complication, battle to suppress facts
Nothing to say
Can't stand to face up to the damage you've inflicted
Violently tear down any opinion you can't understand
Your mind is blank save for government propaganda and lust for power
Track Name: Development
Peoples' lives discarded in favor of so-called development
No feelings of remorse, human displacement
Capitalism can't afford to care, when money's at stake those without it never matter
Pestilence swept under the rug
The marginalized shipped out of sight
How can you sleep at night in your million dollar condo with a beautiful view of everyone your wealth has condemned to die in the gutter?
Stomp out the helpless, feel nothing.
Deception of progression, stop at nothing.
Pat eachother on the fucking back for the culling of victims of your cruel rise to the top.
Build walls around the city to block out guilt you cannot admit you live with
Track Name: Trampled to Death
Our lives are consumed by an unknown impulse to destroy all that surrounds us
Our everyday choices empower a cycle of death and industrial enslavement
We are unconsciously trampling ourselves to death
Human ignorance knows no bounds
As we watch the world around us slowly decay we pray for deus ex machina to appear and rescue our worthless existence
Our leaders promise to save us, puppets of an elaborate farce
The only thing that motivates anyone is the prospect of their own financial gain, strangled by hierarchy
At the mercy of capital millions are starving, we have the resources to save them but the wealthy minority cannot bear the thought of their billions going anywhere other than their own pockets
An imbalanced civilization with blood covered hands
Information in tunnel vision placates the masses, hides the abysmal truth of the world from the eyes of even those whose morals have not yet been completely numbed out
Nothing is wrong, keep building your social status
The weight of everything is simply too much, we resign ourselves to indifference, an uphill battle we can never conquer
(mark's part) A permeated sense of wrongdoing shadows our complacency
World events play out like the storyline of a dystopian work of fiction accepted by us every day. If there lies any shred of hope it's for those who see it to not succumb.