REV16CS66 : TAPESTRY 'I Hope You Never Find Me' Tape


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released September 1, 2016


tags: punk Malaysia


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Revulsion Records Selangor, Malaysia

A D.I.Y hardcore punk records label from Malaysia.

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Track Name: an invisible boundary
where do i go from here?( the sun keeps burning out). go somewhere far away. (you'll never find me here). I'll finally disappear (don't come and look for me) i hope you never find me
Track Name: twelve
february came and you let me in with open arms. i hope you won't feel lonely like i do now. avert your eyes from the sun that shines. i hope she finds a safer place to hide. let me go. don't wait for me. why won't you wait? february came and went away. why did you leave me? as the sea collides to my feet i'll be okay, i'll be just fine.
Track Name: someone who isn't me
you had enough of this seaside town. this lonely estate swallowed your hopes and dreams. you're moving away from this hole. russell things move way too fast for us here. so we kept getting high, to slow things down. slow down. the weather won't be kind. it's much colder there, will your heart stay warm. please stay warm. please be safe there. i hope to hear from you soon.
Track Name: can we meet after your dance practice?
she always had her fringe to the right of her face, she gracefully makes her entrance. all eyes on her. i still keep all the tickets to her shows. she dances till the break of dawn. her worn out heels will lead her home. this distance is taking too much from me.
Track Name: sorry alycia
i hope after december my feelings will undo itself. watch you chase your dreams on stage singing your lungs out. pretend not to care, you don't care that i'm not there. please keep my letters. next year you'll forget my face, forget my name. i'll be a ghost in your studio floor. two more years we will be too far gone. why can't i fill that space in your heart?
Track Name: a set distance
the joy of living is gone. destroy my loneliness. i swear i will escape how do i escape? my fear encircles me (seeking faith within treason, why won't time give me answers?) (have i sinned for asking questions? why wont time wait?) please understand. please comprehend.
Track Name: jean louise
how do i carry on now? how do i speak to you now? how does she fall into slumber? the things she said meant everything. gave myself to the sky. i hope you remember all the things we spoke about. my eyes will never match his. don't look for me again. why won't you feel the same?
Track Name: スプートニクの恋人
moments pass and we try to grasp it with our hands but it crumbles like the sand. so tangible and wry. things that meant so much to me seem so little now. and when february comes i'll be alone again. so alone. call off the search i've gone away, i don't want to be found. i hope you never find me.
Track Name: postcards from manchester
the sun is out again, its biting my dry skin. this winter town turned its back on me. time waits for no one. she's just too far away. she said "言い訳maybe". waking up all alone eight thousand miles from home. why won't you write me back? someday, sometime. please write me back. soon enough. please keep my letters.